There are a lot of fun options when you reserve a Charter Bus in the Los Angeles area. This does not mean you have to stay local within L.A., you can also travel anywhere within the U.S.A. You can explore hidden treasures of Venice Beach or do some shopping on Rodeo Drive. You can take a drive down Hollywood and wave to the stars while passing. If you are with the family, visit Mickey and Minnie at Disney World and don’t have to worry about parking. The group charters team will have that all taken care of for you and will be waiting to greet you when you are done with the fun adventures.

If you are native to the Los Angeles area and touring is not your thing, we also offer airport transfers from LAX and long distance travel. A very popular trip we do for Los Angeles natives, is going to Las Vegas! Las Vegas is only four hours away and you don’t have the airport hassle and can go with a large group of friends.

We work with a lot of Colleges and Universities and are the preferred vendor to many bus companies across the US.

We offer Charter services for sports teams as well. The awesome thing about Charter Buses that airplane travel does not offer, is the amount of storage space for all your luggage and equipment. Not to mention, you can actually bring your shampoo and conditioner without having to put it in a smaller container!

We also can offer tour guides if you would like. The tour guide can form an awesome tour around Los Angeles or you can make your own tour for the tour guide to follow. Whatever your group transportation needs are LA Bus Company is here to assist you!