About Los Angeles Charter Bus Company

Take the stress out of exploring the City of Angels with a bus rental in Los Angeles. When your class, tour group, or wedding party books with Los Angeles Charter Bus Company, we’ll find you a modern motorcoach with amenities like plush seats, storage space, and climate control. You can even request additional features like WiFi and TVs.

Your charter bus rental in Los Angeles will also include the services of a professional driver. All of the drivers in our network are fully licensed and undergo background checks, drug testing, and regular training. Keep reading to learn more about how LA Charter Bus Company can serve your group, and give us a call at 310-667-6197 to receive a quote on your Los Angeles bus rental.

Who We Can Help

We can help almost any type of group find a charter bus in LA. Here are just a few examples of people we serve:

Businesspeople Flying into LAX

Los Angeles International is easily one of the busiest airports in the U.S., and trying to find rideshares for everyone in your company while pushing through huge crowds can be overwhelming. When you book an LA charter bus, an air-conditioned motorcoach with plush seats will be waiting for your team right outside the terminal. All you have to do is stash your luggage under the bus and sit back in a comfy chair while a professional drives you to your hotel.

Tour Groups Exploring Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills sees hundreds of tourists every year, thanks to its celebrity homes and famous streets like Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard. The huge number of tourists makes it nearly impossible to find parking in the area, a problem that can easily be solved by an LA charter bus. Your driver can drop your tour group off at one of Beverly Hills’s designated bus unloading zones. Take time to do your shopping and exploring, and when you’re finished, your bus will pick you up at the same location.

Friends Going to Santa Monica Pier

If you want to relax on the sand with your friends or family, there’s no better place to do it than Santa Monica. Thousands of people visit this picturesque beach each year to ride bikes along the boardwalk, splash through the waves, or try out the rides on the famous pier. But nothing puts a damper on a beach day like sitting in traffic with your foot on the brake. Why not rent a minibus and let someone else do the driving? Your group can stash your towels and beach bags in the overhead storage and then relax and pump up the air-conditioning.

Students Headed to Los Angeles Museums

When you’re planning a field trip to one of LA’s many museums, you want to know that your students will have safe, punctual transportation. At Los Angeles Charter Bus Company, we only work with certified charter bus drivers who’ve had background checks and undergo regular drug testing. We also encourage all drivers to arrive 15 minutes early for pick-up, and the charter buses in our Los Angeles network come with all safety features required by the Department of Transportation.

Los Angeles Charter Bus branded motorcoach

The Benefits We Provide

The transportation you choose has a huge impact on your trip to Los Angeles. If you’re not a local, driving in the city can be overwhelming, and public transportation can be difficult to navigate. Here are a few ways Los Angeles Charter Bus Company can make your trip easier.

Avoid the Stress of Driving

LA’s heavy traffic makes forming caravans of cars tricky, and the people who volunteer to drive could easily end up putting hundreds of miles on their cars. When you rent a charter bus in LA, no one in your group has to use their own car or deal with the stress of traffic. Your professional driver will transport your entire group safely while you lean back in a reclining seat and read or check your email with free WiFi.

Keep Your Group Together

Whether you’re forming a caravan or taking rideshares, your group will have to split up. That means separate parking spaces, individual tolls, and a risk of someone getting lost. Using public transportation doesn’t guarantee your group will stay together either, since bus stops and train stations can be chaotic. With a charter bus, all the members of your group will ride together and be dropped up and picked off from the same location, so there’s a low chance that you’ll lose track of a friend or student.

Know the Price Ahead of Time

When you take taxis or rideshares, it’s hard to know how much your group will end up paying until after the trip is over. But with Los Angeles Charter Bus Company, you’ll receive a quote before you decide whether to book with us or not. The quote won’t include parking fees, tolls, or a room for your driver, but it will include the use of the bus and the driver’s services for your entire trip. That should make it much easier to estimate how much your transportation will cost.

Request Accessible Features

Although some public transportation stations are accessible, how many varies from city to city. The LA Metro guarantees ADA compliance across all of its stations, but other cities throughout California don’t. When you reserve an LA charter bus, you know that you’ll have ADA-compliant features if you request them. Our network includes buses with wheelchair seating, wheelchair lifts, railings in the bathrooms, and wider aisles, so everyone in your group can travel without worrying about whether or not their transportation will be accessible.

Call Us for More Information

Whether you would like to learn more about prices, amenities, or accessibility, the 24/7 customer service team at Los Angeles Charter Bus Company can help. Just give us a call at 310-667-6197 to ask any questions you still have and to receive a free, no-obligation quote on an LA charter bus rental.