Employee Shuttle Services In Los Angeles

Los Angeles Corporate Shuttle Services

Shuttling employees around Los Angeles just got a whole lot easier. Don’t leave your employees to rely on the Metro or drive themselves in LA’s notorious traffic—Los Angeles Charter Bus Company is here to set you up with a reliable shuttle service your entire office can count on. Learn more by calling our 24-hour team at 310-667-6197 to discuss bus options, prices, and more.

Get to Work While Still on the Road

It’s no secret that Angelenos hate driving to and from work. The average Los Angeles commute has even been ranked as “worst in the USA.” So why keep asking employees to suffer through countless hours of rush hour traffic?

When telecommuting isn’t an option, a private shuttle service can provide some much-needed relief to employees. Instead of watching the road and stressing about how much time they’re wasting, passengers can sit back, make their to-do lists for the workday, answer a few emails, and even catch up on their favorite podcasts or shows. And with a professional driver at the wheel, everyone will be in safe hands throughout their trip to work.

Enjoy Premium Onboard Amenities

Whether employees wish to get started on work or simply relax and enjoy the ride, we’ll make sure they have the amenities and environment to keep them comfortable. WiFi and power outlets ensure that laptops can be used en route, while air conditioning provides relief from the LA heat. Plenty of overhead storage space helps aisles stay free of clutter, and reclining seats help employees stay relaxed. With these amenities at their disposal, employees will be able to catch up on work or unwind after a long day at the office while they travel.

Build Custom Routes

With a private shuttle bus from LA Charter Bus Company, you get to make the rules. Send your shuttle to neighborhoods in Long Beach, hotspots in Santa Monica, or public transportation stops near your office—wherever is most convenient for your employees, If you’re on a large office campus with multiple buildings, your shuttle can also run a custom route through your complex and even make stops at your favorite local restaurants. Is your parking lot shutting down for construction? Need a construction shuttle bus rental for your crew? Use your shuttle to move employees from a temporary offsite parking area to your office so that no one’s stuck walking in the heat.

Choose a Shuttle Bus that Works for You

We know that no shuttle system is one-size-fits-all. That’s why we charter a variety of bus sizes—so that you can choose the best option for your workplace. Keep it simple with a compact, 18-passenger minibus to move a small number of employees. Or, transport your entire office complex in one go with a 56-passenger motorcoach. Need more? We’ll work with you to build a fleet that ensures all of your employees have a reliable ride to work every day.

Reserve Your Corporate Shuttle Bus Today

When it comes to transporting employees to and from work, LA Charter Bus Company has you covered. Call our team today to discuss what your ideal shuttle service looks like, and we’ll get to work building your fleet. We’re available 24 hours a day at 310-746-5801.