It’s a known fact that the West Coast is the best coast. If you’re traveling to Los Angeles with a group, chances are you’re either attending Coachella, getting riled up for the latest Lakers game or driving down to Disneyland for an enjoyable, family-friendly weekend.

However, the only reason you should truly visit LA is to eat some tasty grub. It comes as no surprise that this coastal city is home to some of the most decadent dishes and savory delicacies found in the United States. Whether you’re in the mood for a piping hot barbacoa taco or a funky vegan ice cream cone, there’s no better place to be than Los Angeles.

If your group of hungry travelers is looking for group transportation for an upcoming food-related gathering, you’ve come to the right place. Los Angeles Charter Bus Company can provide private shuttles to carry your group to any corner of the city. Our 24/7 transportation service makes it easy for you to get picked up and dropped off without worrying about hidden fees or exorbitant group rates.

In addition, if your group consists of corporate execs or wedding guests, we can provide you with appropriate amenities to fit the nature of your event. From free Internet access to an onboard restroom, the bus’s amenities will keep your group comfortable from start to finish.

To simplify the process, we’ve provided you with a list of some of the best group restaurants in Los Angeles for any social occasion. Each restaurant can accommodate large parties, offers spectacular deals, and is aesthetically pleasing. Don’t worry about cramming your party into a Prius (cute but impractical); traveling with Los Angeles Charter Bus Company is the way to go. Call us at (310) 667-6197 to finalize your trip today!

Mexican quesadilla's on a plate
El Coyote

Address: 7312 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
For group reservations: (323) 939-1613 or submit your information here

An all-time Angeleno favorite, El Coyote has great historical significance as it’s been around since the early 1930s. Its blinding neon sign, magical atmosphere, and addictive beverages have attracted a strong cult-following over the last 80 years. In addition, it was recently featured in the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which helped garner more fame for this local treasure.

The interior is adorned with colorful fairy lights and flags, and there’s always a lively hubbub spreading like wildfire across the restaurant. It’s the ideal place to visit for a family celebration, since they offer event spaces for 10 to 100 people and a customized group menu. Whether you want a flavorful enchilada or a mouthwatering quesadilla, El Coyote should be the first stop on your LA group itinerary.

If you’re traveling with a group of over 30 people, Los Angeles Charter Bus Company offers bus rentals that can seat 18 to 56 passengers so that everyone in the group can stick together and arrive on time.

array of italian food, pizza and pasta

Address: 15500 S Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248
For group reservations: (310) 532-8880,

Trying to find a spot to dine out where everyone can find something they’ll like? Look no further than Eatalian pizzeria and restaurant in Gardena. You and your group can set up in this vast, industrial space and order any manner of pizzas, pastas, and pastries, and more.

Maybe your crew is interested in splitting a handful of large pizzas like the Rock (topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami, gorgonzola, spinach, and bacon) or the Marlon Brando (a Rock-Calzone hybrid: half-side Rock Pizza, half-side calzone with ham.) And definitely don’t leave without getting a scoop (or six) of the house-made gelato. Call ahead to make a reservation for your team, or you can take advantage of their top-notch catering service and bring a little bit of Italy to the office.

Crispy pork belly

Address: 1725 Naud St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
For group reservations: or fill out the event form here

Ever heard of David Chang? The owner of the Momofuku restaurant group, who also starred in the Netflix Special “Ugly Delicious,” is the brilliant mind behind Majordōmo. This avant-garde Korean eatery has the most dazzling setup, from the fancy wooden architecture to the skylight windows spanning the dining area. Start your meal off with their famous cultured butter and honey, followed by stuffed peppers as appetizers. Consider trying out their most popular entrées, such as  the crispy pork belly, marinated black cod, and tapioca lo mein. Moreover, Majordōmo does offer private evening dining that can seat 24 to 174 people (which would classify as a full buyout). If you choose to go with a large group, Los Angeles Charter Bus Company can drop your party off at the entrance and pick you up when it’s time to go.

Sushi with purple flowers
Yamashiro Hollywood

Address: 1999 N Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068
For group reservations: (323) 466-5125 ext. 225 or email

Yamashiro is a true Hollywood classic that has withstood the passage of time for the last 100 years. It was the alleged dining spot for several celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and has been featured in a variety of films, the more popular ones being Memoirs of a Geisha and Kill Bill. If that isn’t enough to convince you to eat here, as soon as you enter it feels like you’ve arrived in another country. The architecture, gardens and dining area are reminiscent of Ancient Japan, and coupled with the incredible view of the Los Angeles skyline, it’s truly an ethereal experience.

In addition, Yamashiro has several event spaces with buffet menus that can accommodate a variety of celebrations. These can range from weddings to film wrap parties, birthdays or even team-building meetups. Whether you choose to sit in the Garden Courtyard that has a capacity of 150 or the Pagoda Bar that can seat 50, you’ll be under the Hollywood stars wherever you go. If your group is planning on drinking, choose Los Angeles Charter Bus Company as your designated driver for the night.

Black truffle pizza

Address: 8500 Sunset Blvd Suite B, West Hollywood, CA 90069
For group reservations: (310) 360-3866 or email

Looking for a restaurant that has the right amount of class but isn’t too formal for a casual group dinner? Visit Tesse for a unique take on French cuisine. During the day, it operates as a wine store, known as the “Boutellier,” and at night it becomes the restaurant we all know and love. The minimalist interior and daring dishes make it a fun place to gather with your friends over the weekend. Venture out of your comfort zone and try the lobster sausage or the blue crab simplissime. For dessert, make sure to treat yourself with the delicious “chocramel” bar.

Tesse has a private dining room that can seat a total of 50 guests but has a standing capacity of 75 people. Since there is just one room, make sure to reserve it in advance for any upcoming group dinner. Do you have additional luggage that you don’t want to bring inside? Store it in the overhead bus cabins so that you don’t need to cramp your style with your stuffed purse (yes, even the best of us overpack).

Hummus and chickpeas

Address: 500 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
For group reservations:

Bavel is the place to go when you want to eat comfort food in a novel setting. It’s an epic mash-up between LA’s hipster culture and the traditions of the Middle East, from the hanging planters and open-space arrangement down to the subtle patterned pillows. Order unconventional dishes for the table, such as the oyster mushroom kebab, scallop crudo, or grilled dorade.

Unlike the other restaurants on this list, Bavel does not have a private room designated for events. Instead, groups of 9 to 26 can be seated in their main dining room or on the covered patio. For groups that exceed 26 people, opt for a buyout for your convenience. If you’re traveling with passengers that require additional assistance, request our ADA-accessible bus for an efficient and comfortable journey.

Lobster spaghetti

Address: 1332 2nd Street, Rooftop, Santa Monica, CA, 90401
For group reservations:

Situated right on the shores of Santa Monica, Élephante is a swanky Italian beach house reserved for those days when you just want to drink and chill with your loved ones. The decor lends a Mediterranean flair, from the wicker baskets and wooden vases stored on the exposed shelves to the quaint outdoor seating overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

For groups over 13, you can book a private room or, as usual, consider a buyout for large-scale events such as bachelorettes or baby showers. Order savory items for the table, such as the soppressata pizza or lobster spaghetti. Don’t forget to try the tiramisu for dessert—no Italian lunch or dinner is complete without a bite of this delicacy. If you’re interested in checking out the beach after eating, feel free to change into your bathing suits in your private shuttle’s onboard restroom.

Chicken pot pie

Address: 114 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
For group reservations:

Have you ever had an emotional experience in a restaurant when you realize it’s literally the most stunning place you’ve ever been to? That’s what Redbird does to you. This DTLA hotspot used to be a part of the Cathedral of St. Vibiana. It was refurbished into a restaurant but still maintains its historical status. From the hauntingly beautiful colored dining rooms to the subtle golden candlelight, its beauty truly stuns you into submission. When it comes to food, their chicken pot pie is a definite conversation starter, while the Thai-style crab soup never ceases to impress.

Redbird has several private dining rooms that can host a diverse range of events, from rehearsal dinners to cocktail and viewing parties. For small parties of 10 to 16, rent the Bishop’s Perch. Meanwhile, the VIBIANA can accommodate a rager of up to 800 people!

If your phone is dying and you can’t find a place to charge it at dinner, hop on your private shuttle to get easy access to a power outlet.

Nobu Malibu

Address: 22706 CA-1, Malibu, CA 90265
For group reservations: (310) 317-9140 or email

There’s no better way to devour Japanese delicacies than by the ocean, right? If you agree, gather your group and head to Nobu Malibu for a fresh and exquisite meal. The restaurant embraces a modern aesthetic with an open-space structure, wooden beams and plush leather seating. We definitely recommend sitting on the patio, since it boasts a brilliant view of the ocean. In addition, the outdoor seating can be both intimate or public based on the time of day and the occasion at hand. Don’t skimp on food, and definitely check out the divine yellowtail sashimi, the rock shrimp tempura, or the tuna crispy rice cakes.

If you need to book a private event at Nobu, make sure you call for a reservation at least 3 months in advance since this place fills up fast. To make things easier, book your shuttle with Los Angeles Charter Bus Company at the same time  so that you’re organized for your upcoming event!

Jackfruit taco in hand
Gracias Madre

Address: 8905 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
For group reservations: fill out the event form here

The vegans in your group will be overjoyed to eat at Gracias Madre. This fan favorite is 100% vegan and organic, which means healthy, nutritious food for everyone in your group. The restaurant itself is very casual, with tables littered across the patio  covered by large white umbrellas. You’ll notice greenery in almost every corner of the restaurant, which is a lovely homage to Mother Nature. When it comes to food, almost everything on the menu is absolutely raved about in the LA community. From the coliflór frito to the jackfruit tacos, you’re bound to find something that you love.

Gracias Madre can host groups ranging from 25 to 300 either inside or outside, depending on your mood. If you have a long trip back to your destination after your group has eaten dinner, feel free to take a nap on the bus in your plush, reclining seats!

Get Ready to Eat With Los Angeles Charter Bus Company

You’ve made a reservation, you’ve tallied the guest list and you’re finally ready to go. Take it one step further and book group transportation to any restaurant of your choice with Los Angeles Charter Bus Company. Whether your choice of cuisine is in Santa Monica, Long Beach or even San Luis Obispo, your private bus rental will take you wherever you need to go. Reach us at (310) 667-6197 to speak to our reservation team today!